Uncas Gas, an energy provider of Propane for home heating and industry, recently launched its new website,  The wholly redesigned and revised website includes navigation connecting visitors to information on Uncas’s range of products and services.  The website design has a fresh new uncluttered look and format that lets users locate information simply and effectively.

Uncas Gas president Daryl Scott says of the launch,  “ Our new web site embodies Uncas’s commitment to meeting the changing needs, challenges, and digital expectations of our customers. In keeping with our goal of simplifying the business process, our new site provides flexibility to change and grow as our users’ needs do.”

Uncas Gas a full service Propane company that delivers home-heating fuel.  Our fully trained and licensed technicians clean, service and install furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters, and also install and service air-conditioning units. For more information, contact Uncas Gas at (860) 689-7700 or visit the company Web site at